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Expert™ :
Auto Scanning System - Fully Automated VPD-ICP-MS

More than 100 units are in operation at semiconductor industry Fabs and QA labs around the world.
This is an innovative pretreatment system connected with ICP-MS to achieve fully automated analysis of metal impurities in Si wafers and others. PS, FAB and LAB models are available and they can also be custom-made to meet your specific purpose.

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CSI : Online Monitoring System

This is a system that automatically and continuously monitors metallic impurities in chemical solutions at ppt levels at even long-distance sampling points without any human intervention.

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Automated Standard Addition System

This system automatically adds standard solutions online for ICP-MS analysis, and is applicable to both the external calibration method and the method of standard addition.

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GED : Gas Exchange Device

This is an introduction system that enables direct introduction of gas samples into ICP-MS, for its direct analysis of their metallic particles.

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Metal Standard Aerosol Generation

This system is capable of introducing a very small amount of standard solution into ICP-MS plasma with 100% efficiency.
It is ideal for the determination of impurities in gas samples and the measurement of particle size distribution of particulate metals.

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  Corporate Information

Company name IAS Inc.
Established December/9/2004
Capital 90 million yen
President Katsuhiko Kawabata
Head office 2-2-1 Hinohonmachi, Hino, Tokyo 191-0011, Japan
TEL +81-42-589-5525
Business details Manufacture and sales of ICP-OES/ICP-MS parts, peripherals, and pretreatment devices, etc.