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Online Monitoring System
This system was designed and developed for use in quality control management as required on semiconductor manufacturing lines.
Using ICP-MS, which enjoys widespread usage as an analytical tool for metallic impurities in semiconductor-related materials, it measures traces of metallic impurities found in wafer cleaning solutions. It can be used to monitor the most widely used solutions: SC-1 (ammonium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution), SC-2 (hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution) and diluted hydrofluoric acid.

The silicon wafer cleaning process is of critical importance to the semiconductor manufacturing process. Allowing metal impurities to be included with the cleaning solution introduces them to the wafer, in turn impacting on product yield. While monitoring of this aspect is of course essential, it is currently analyzed offline through ICP-MS, etc. With offline analysis, even if metal contamination does occur, several hours are required before the problem can be detected and a large number of defective products will unfortunately be produced during that period. Consequently, cleaning solutions are replaced at regular intervals to avoid this problem, regardless of whether or not they may contain contaminants.
Our company's online monitoring system mounts fine aerosol particles produced by a sampling module installed near the cleaning solution bath onto a stream of argon gas, transporting them to a far-away distance (up to 100 m), and then selects the solution via a switching valve installed near the ICP-MS which then automatically performs an analysis.

- Able to detect metal contaminants at the single ppt level.
- As the samples are transported via gas flow, the time required before the contamination level of the solution reservoir can be detected is reduced to approximately 3 minutes.
- The amount of solution consumed is reduced to 2-3 mL/min.
- It can select and measure up to a maximum of 10 lines.
- Specialized online software is designed to cater to all kind of ICP-MS in the market.
- Able to perform QC check and recalibration periodically.
- Automatically checks the following items as part of quality control management and performs various actions in instances where the value proceeds a preset level.

- Two-stage setting for the upper limit of the metallic impurities level in the cleaning bath
- Correlation coefficient of the calibration curve as well as the minimum sensitivity of each element
- Monitors changes in the internal standard signal and manages influences via instrument drift and matrices

- Able to perform trend management of the metallic impurities level in each cleaning bath.

It can also save the results to the database for output as .csv files.

- Able to perform preemptive analysis on signals received from the cleaning solution reservoir (such as before and after replacement of cleaning solution).

We also handle further design and manufacturing of systems in order to cater to the wishes of our clients.

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