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Automated Standard Addition System "ASAS II"
ASAS II is a device that automatically adds the standard solution online with the minimum of inconvinience on the part of the user. It can be used for both internal and standard addition methods through automatic creation of a calibration curve for the ICP-OES/ICP-MS.

- Able to automatically add sub-μL/min level standard solution to the sample solution uptake line by means of a high precision syringe pump. Sample dilution is minimized because small amounts of standard solution are added to the sample.
- Can be used even with self-aspiration, and is thus suitable for systems using a micro flow nebulizer.
- Integrated solution flow sensor is able to detect differences in the solution flow of each sample that are often produced during self-aspiration, and to respond to the actual solution flow and automatically make adjustments so that the volume of standard solution to be added corresponds to a set ratio.
- Able to monitor timing of sample introductions and engage with the autosampler to carry out the operation sequence necessary to add standard solution via assessing flow.
When the volume of solution in the syringe decreases to below a certain level, an empty alarm is activated and spectrometer operations are temporarily paused while the syringe is automatically refilled with standard solution.
- Excellent long-term stability over the conventional internal standard addition systems that use peristaltic pumps, as no pump tubes are used.
- Prevents against metal contaminants as all liquid contact parts consist of metal-free structures such as fluoropolymer, etc.
- Simple, user-friendly touch panel and control possible from your PC.

Example of ICP-OES Calibration Curve
Using ASASII, standard solution is automatically added to the sample line and a calibration curve of 0.5 to 5 mg/L is produced.

Conditions of the introduction: Concentric nebulizer, self-aspiration at 150 μL/min
Sample: Water-miscible organic solvent
ASASII standard solution: 100 mg/L Y (in 1% nitric acid)

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